The joy of accommodation in VietNam is that the possibilitties are andle and there  is something for everyone . Nowadays there is wifi in most places so even the most basic of hostel will have a website that you can chekc out . Failing that you can check out reviews online.

Incent years VietNam has also seen an increase in high end , luxury hotels to cater for the increase in affluease travelers visiting the country . So whatever your budget and your priorities you will find something to suit you.

Before you start looking for accommodation you need to ask yourself a few question . Prioritize what is important for you ! What migh be your dream hotel could be another person’s idea of hell and visa versa . Here a few things to consider:

Accommodation sign with a beautiful day

  • Budget – How much are you prepared to sepend per night on average ?
  • Sharing – Are you willing to sleep in a shared dormitory of do you want your own room?
  • Wifi – Most places have wifi but it’s wrth thinking about, especially if your are relying on the internet to do some more travel planning.
  • Locatinon – Do you want to be right in the heart of the action , amongst the hustle and bustle ( and the noise and smells that come with it ) . Or would you prefer a quieter location event if that meant a longer walk or even a taxi ride into town ?
  • Facilitiec – What is really important to you ? a swimming pool ? bicycle hire ? airport transfers ? An on site tour agent ? You migh not be able to get everything that you want to fit in your budget but at least you know what you are looking for.

How to find accommodation – There are several ways to find accmmodation for your trip in VietNam:

  • Online
  • Through word of mouth
  • turning up and hoping for the best

Online – There are two ways to find accommodation through a search engine . You are either directly seaech for accommodation  in the area that you want of you can use a dedicated online booking site.

Be aware that hotels have to pay to have their hotels listed on online booking sites and you may end up paying more than if you booked directly through the hotel . The only way to find out is to call of email the hotel.The only way to find out is to call of email the hotel and ask if they will do a better rate if you book directly.


On the other hand booking sites allow you to search specifically for what you looking for and check which hotels are cheapest . You can use filters to make sure that the hotel has all the facilities that you want and then arrange the list of potential properties into price order . Most booking sites also include reviews that you can use to determine whether the accommodation is suitable for you based on other people’s experiences.

The following wwebsites offer great the booking 

All accommodation 


Booking on arrival 

The idea of turing up somewwhere without haveing any accommodation booked is a horrifying concept for some people but for others it’s the benchmark of being a true traveler.

On the plus side just turning up and looking at accommodation maens that you get to see if first hand and  decide if it is what you want . You can see what else is nearby and whether you get a ‘good vibe’ from the place.

For the most part there is an abundance of tourist areas so you will always find somewhere  to stay . Be cautious during festivals of extremely busy periods though as all the best accommdation tends to get booked up first.

Not pre booking can be  stressful especially if you have to heave all of your luggage around with you as you look around different hotels . Hotel wners are generally keen to seal the deal so don’t panic . Stay calm and if it isn’t somewhere you want to stay then there will usually be another place a few doors down.


What to expect 

One of theif key things with accommodetion in VietNam is to set realistic expecatations . A 15$ per night room isn’t going to be the hilton presidential Suite but it will certainly be better than anything you could expect to find back home for that amount.


If you are a backpacker and willing to share a dormitory then you can expeces prices to star at  arount 5$ per night .Most backpacker hosted aren’t in the bars so they give you a great opportunity to meet like minded travelers.

Almost all backpacker hostels have free Wifi especially in the communal areas ,and include breakast ( although don’t expect it to be a western breakfast) . The only concern that you may have is leaving your possessions unsecured with strangers shareing your room . Ensute that the room  has individual lockers for that extra piece of mind.

If you are traveling as a couple or simply don’t mind shareing a room with one or tow other people then you might find it more economical to book a shared room . Budget twin/double room’s start anywhere between 9$ and 15$ per night and usually include an ensuite bathroom . The benfit of a private room is that your possessions are more secure although you should still be wary  about leaving valuables in your room . as the staff will also have access.

So what do budget rooms and dormitories look like ? That varies from place to place ,ask your follow travelers of their experience or use online sites such as trip advisor .Remember that for a few dollars per night you can’t expect the ritz . As long as the accommodation is in a fairly good lacation and is clean then what more do you need?