Vietnamses Vietnamsescuisne traditionnally combines five fundamental flavors : spicy (metal),sour (wood),biter(fire),salty(water) and sweet (earth). Taking influencer from both chineses and thai cooking styles it is considerd one of the healthiest cuisines in the world rich in fresh ingredients and unique flavor combinations.


The basis of most meals is rice of noodles along with meat ,seafood and plenty of herbs ,spices ,fruit and vegetables . Shrimp paste paste and fish sauce form the foundations of most stock and result in deep ,fravorsome broths .

If you aren’t keen on trying new things then don’t worry, you won’t starve . There are plenty of fast food and tourist restaurants serving international food – at tourist  prices.


If you want to fully embrace the Vietnamses lifestyle then try as much local food as you can .Eat with the locals at the side of the road and will be rewarded with some of the tastiest (and cheapest) meals of your whole life .

You can dine like a king for $1 and 2$ dollars at stresst food vendors of local restaurants .If you really want to treat yourself then gorge on fresh seafood ,it costs slightly more than basic meals in Vietnam bit still nowhere near what would pay in the western world.


If you are vegetartian then you are in for a treat ,wholesome and delicious  meat free food is available everywhere and comes in so many differrent forms .Vietnamses for vegetarian is ‘chay’ just say this to the vendor and they will understand. This can also be a great word to use if you are a little dubious as to what the ‘mystery meat’ on display is and think that going veggie is the safer option.