Fruit Vietnamese boastsan abundance of fruit and you will love getting your daily fruit snack from the local stalls .On top of all the exotic fruits you can dream of here are a few more that you might have never event heard of :

The breast milk fruit (vu sua) – it is named after the sweet milky juice inside .


Rambutan ( chom chom)– A ┬ásmaill ,’hairy’ red fruit that is peeled open to reveal a juicy center and hard nut closely related to the lychee.


Mangosteen (mang cut) – A deep purple and not particularly attractive fruit that can be cut open to reveal a sweet translucent pulp .Believed to have cancer0 curing properties.


Custard apple ( mang cau – na) – A green ‘scaly’ looking fruit that either soft or hard depending on the species and ripeness.


Green dragon ( thang long) -know as dragon fruit , this flamboyant red fruit can be easily peeled when ripe to reveal the gelatinous flesh dotted with tiny black seeds . The fruit is both sweet and sour.


Jackfuit (mit) – There are lost of varieties of these large yellow fuits ,ranging from small and juicy to large and crunchy.