Tiet Canh – Raw blood suop is a traditional vietnamese dish ,typically made from the blood of ducks or geese and mixed with fish sauce before being refrigerated to encourage coagualation . Chopped and cooked duck meat is then added to a bowl before the blood is diluted with a broth and poured on top .Peanuts and coriander are then added to finish . It looks like a gruesome pizza!


Trung vit lon ( Balut) – How do you like your eggs in the moring ? Probably not like this ! Balut is considered to be a protein rich delicacy in vietnam and is widely believed to have aphrodisiac properties.


Before you rush out and buy a dozen balut eggs at a Vietnamese night market. Balut are boiled , ferilized duck eggs that are served warm and ‘ ready to eat ‘ .the duck embryos eggs generally around 18 days old when they are considered most delicious . Use your thumb to flick upon the top of the egg , drick the warm broth and then get chomping.

Ca phe chon( Kopi luwak) – Now this one is a bit gross but it’s so dekicious you simply have to try it anyway !this coffee is famous for its price tag ,betwen $120 and 600 a pound . .what makes it worth the hefty cost ? well these coffee ¬†beans have already been through the digestive system of the civet cat. Don’t think too much about how the beans are collected ,just know that are washed ,lightly roasted and they make the best coffee you will ever taste.


Sau rieng (durian)-¬†the best way to describe this fruit is ‘ an acquired taset’. The best way to describe the smell of this fruit .. vomit ! Granted it tastes better than it smells but you either love it or you hate it , there is no in between with the durian .