coconut milk coffe

Culinary culture in each region of Vietnam are the colors separate. Can for the Vietnamese people, such as bread, grilled or screws very close familiarity. However, in the eyes of foreign tourists, it is extremely strange. Here is the story about the specialties of Vietnam by a visitors from America.

Phu Quoc island

I had occasion to visit the Phu Quoc-an island off the coast of southern Vietnam. Although not yet had the opportunity to enjoy too much special dishes of this land but I’m still very impressed with the food here.

Crab vermicelli
Crab vermicelli made with crab, egg, mushroom and Burma. Not too fussy these really very tasty.
A seafood stir-fry shrimp, including the General, were the fish and squid. Just enjoy this dish just drinking beer is the perfect match for.noodle


Not as in Phu Quoc, upon arrival in Saigon, I took advantage of the maximum time to sample the specialty in this city. You have to believe not, in just two and a half days which I have eaten to 12 packed, from the restaurant, the cafe the curb until the night market.

Eating fried

Eating fried rice along with fried beef and onions: While not the most exciting cuisine but is a popular dish in which you have found in any way goods and in particular, its super cheap price.

Chili Sauce

Chili Sauce dotted with boiled snail: A basic but tasty dishes immensely.

Bun mam

Bun mam: It’s really great! This is including the thick noodles, shrimp, fish and squid meal broth taste special. Have to say this is one of the most delicious dishes that I tasted in Saigon.

Hoi An

I’ve discovered two dishes that I extremely like in Hoi An ancient town.

Cao Lau

Cao Lau: this is considered Hoi An specialties. Pork, vegetables are eaten along with the noodles golden brown look like soba in Japan almost all over Hoi An, any cafe or restaurant can serve this dish.


Bread: see, included the luncheon, different meats, tomatoes, cucumber, chili, onions, a fried egg and many other things. It is truly a very special dish. Within just 24 hours, I have a 3 piece of bread.


Rice vermicelli with fish

Rice vermicelli with fish: I ate this dish in vendors. Nothing too special but it is one of the most popular dishes are often on their people.

Rice vermicelli with fried

Rice vermicelli with fried: this is a specialty of Hanoi capital. Ingredients include pork, rice vermicelli, aromatic vegetables, and sauce. Besides that, there are a disk spring rolls with pork and egg book.

Part salads include jackfruit, prawns, pork, and bread

Part salads include jackfruit, prawns, pork, and bread. I selected this is the most amazing dishes I was rewarded Thursday in Hanoi.

Ram It cakes

Ram It cakes with the shrimp inside. It’s actually very sticky!

Ethnic people's sausage

Ethnic people’s sausage: really compared to external eating this dish looks extremely tasty. I have used this dish along with a kind of Apple wine in a ceramic vase has an alcohol content of about 40%.

Coffee eggs

Coffee eggs: it looks effervescent and tastes very sweet. This is a drink popular in Hanoi.

Coffee yogurt

Coffee yogurt is also very popular. However, it does not smell of coffee for LAM and I have to use a spoon to eat.

coconut milk coffe

Finally the coconut milk coffee. It’s very very good and looks like a cup of cappuccino.