Unless you are arriving overland from laos or campodia the chances are that you will be flying into Vietnam .

Make sure that you compare airline carriersa as prives can differ dramatically . To get a VietNamses  visa in advance  you usually need prove how ,and when you will be leaving the country – the easiest way to do this is with an outbound flight ticket .


When deciding which air to fly into you should first consider what route you are planning to take through Vietnam. Do you want to depart from the airport you arrived at or are you going to fly into one end of the country ,travel overland and then depart from the other and ?

Located in the south of the country is Tan Son Nhat ( SNG ) ,the largest international airport in VietNam . there are two other international airports , Noi Bai (HAN) in HaNoi and Danang (DAD ) in Central VietNam.

Thera are smaller airports dotted along the coast that are great if you don’t fancy taking long bus or train journeys ,or if you are short for time .Have a look for tickets online but you will also find that local ticket vendors offer fairly good rates and include airport transfers .

Vietnam airways are the national airline for Vietnam and whilst they tend to be slightly more expensive than the low- cos carriers ,they are generally considered more relia ble vietjet airline ane Jetstar Airline are both budget airlines.


For those of you who find flyning a little tame you may be tampted by the infamous but equally awesome ‘ hell bus from Vietnam (laos) to HaNoi . Depending on whom you speak to, it is either one hell of a journey – or the journey from hell . Either way ,it ‘s a 27 – house long right of passage for the die-hard traveler.