Hey guys, I’m here to share with you tips for a journey to explore Hue in 24 hours. It’s just some places to go or things to do to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food here.

Peaceful morning in Hue

5 am: Riding to Thuan an Beach at dawn and then just sip a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise.

Thuan An Beach

6 am: Taking photos in Quoc Hoc Hue School (trường Quốc Học Huế)  – the largest and most beautiful school in Hue. The school area is over 4,000 m², so why don’t you jogging or cycling around the school to start a new day?

7 am: You can see many girls in the beautiful white Ao Dai (Áo Dài) around 7 – time for students to go to school. It’s said that Hue girls look so gentle in Ao Dai, so don’t miss the chance to capture this beautiful moment if you like Vietnamese Ao Dai.

Ao Dai

8 am: Enjoying Xoi thit hon (Xôi thịt hon) in the corner of Truong Dinh Street and  Pham Hong Thai Street. A dish of Xoi thit hon is full of hot Thit hon (Thịt hon) and Xoi (Xôi – steamed rice) with only 1USD. It looks a little small but can surprisingly fulfill your stomach. This restaurant is always full of visitors and dishes are sold like hot cake, so don’t be late if you want to try it.

xoi thit hon

9 am: On both weekdays and weekends, all roadside coffee shops along Truong Dinh Street are packed due to the habit of drinking coffee in the morning of Hue people.

10 am: Go shopping. Let’s drop by the Hue market to hear the local voice from me, o (mệ, o – local saleswomen) at Dong Ba market (Đông Ba), a diverse market with hundreds of accessories for the girls.

Small Tip: If you buy clothes, shoes in Dong Ba market, remember to down the price to about a half. Ben Ngu market (Bến Ngự) is smaller but the sellers are more gentle and you don’t need to bargain.


Chợ Đông Ba

11am: You are not in Hue if you don’t try specialities such as banh bo, banh bot loc, banh nam, banh uot, ram it, banh gio, etc. (bánh bèo chén, bánh bột lọc, bánh nậm, bánh ướt, ram ít, bánh giò…) at Hang Me restaurant on Vo Thi Sau Street. This restaurant is famous thanks to the strong flavor of shrimp used as an ingredient for these specialities. The owner also is particularly friendly and hospitable. Prices: around 30,000 – 40,000 VND/person.

banh beo
Banh beo

12am: Eating yogurt at Nguyen Hue restaurant. There are only a few stools and some small tables under the shadow of trees, but this place is always crowded. The price here is very cheap, only 5,000 VND per glass of yogurt.

13pm: Mixing up with the European atmosphere in Hue at DMZ, Little Italy, Hung Vuong Inn, etc. Because Hue is a tourist city so these places are always crowded with foreign visitors.

14pm: Together taking pictures at Dai Noi (Đại Nội). Its front yard is a favorite place for both teenagers and the elders. At this time, people also begin a lot of activities such as soccer, kite flying, shuttlecock and cycling.

Dai Noi

Front yard of Dai Noi

15pm: Eating Bun thit nuong (Bún thịt nướng) at Huyen Anh restaurant on Kim Long Street. Bun thit nuong and Banh cuon (Bún thịt nướng – Noodles with roast meat, Bánh cuốn – rolls) here are also very tasty. Price: 12,000 VND/ a dish of Banh cuon, 18,000 VND/a bowl of Bun thit nuong.

banh cuon

Hue Sunset

16pm: Taking a pedicab to go around the city. Pedicabs are everywhere, concentrated mostly in Dai Noi, Dong Ba Market, or at the foot of the Trang Tien Bridge. People said that drinking sugarcane juice while going sightseeing is the best way to enjoy afternoon.

17pm: Climbing up Vong Canh hill to watch the sunset and explore Hue from above. Now you will realize why people say that Song Huong ( Huong river) is like soft silk across the city.

18pm:  Going to Han Mac Tu Steet to eat Com hen/Bun hen/Chao hen (Cơm hến/Bún hến/ Cháo hến) (0,3usd – 0,5USD /bowl). Having dessert by a glass of Che bap (Chè bắp – corn sweet soup), (0,4usd/bowl).

bun hen

Bun hen

19pm: Have you ever seen a rainbow at night yet? If not, drop in the Trang Tien Bridge, this is the time “rainbow” starts to light up and continuously change colors.

Trang Tien Bridge

Trang Tien Bridge at night

20pm: It’s highly recommended that you should take some Che (Chè – Vietnamese sweet soup) at Hem (Hẻm – a restaurant), don’t forget to try Che bot loc thit quay (Chè bột lộc thịt quay – a very special sweet soup of Hue).

21pm: Across Song Huong riverside (Sông Hương – Huong river) to reach Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street where souvenirs, clothing and jewelry are dirt cheap, only from 5,000 VND for a little pretty item. It’s also cost 5,000 VND for a boat tour on Song Huong.

22pm: Exhausted with walking around? Just drop by Le Loi Street to try some grilled foods as Bap nuong (Bắp nướng – grilled corn), Khoai nuong (Khoai nướng – grilled sweet potato), Ca nuong (Cá nướng – Grilled Fish). Prices: from only 10,000 VND.

Grilled Fish on Le Loi Street

 Grilled Fish on Le Loi Street

23pm: Chatting with friends through the night only costs you 6,000 VND for a cup of coffee at the lakeside coffee shop.

24pm: Nguyen Hue Street is still bright with shops along the road where you can enjoy Hot vit lon chua ngot (Hột vịt lộn chua ngọt) and Nuoc mia (Nước mía – sugarcane juice).

 Beginning of a new day

1am: When crowd are gone, the Banh mi (Bánh mì – Vietnamese bread) at the foot of Trang Tien bridge still lights and attracts tourists’ shoes.

2am: Considering choices of locals at night for decades: Nem cha (Nem chả), boiled quail eggs with plain salt and pepper, or Banh canh Han Thuyen (Bánh canh Hàn Thuyên) with surprisingly cheap price: 6,000 VND/bowl.

Banh canh Han Thuyen

Banh canh Han Thuyen

3am: It’s time for o, me (o,mệ – local saleswomen) start to cook Bun bo (bún bò – beef noodles) for morning market.

4am: Waking up your day with workout! Just run to Trang Tien bridge or the flagpole in front of Dai Noi, take a deep fresh air and feel as fit as fiddle.