Lang Co Bay (Lăng Cô) is in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue Province, Central Coast of Vietnam. It is about 30 kilometers south to Danang and 70 kilometers north to Hue, recognized as one of the most beautiful bays in the world in 2009. You can combine visiting Lang Co Bay with other famous destinations such as Hue, Hoi An ancient town and My Son sanctuary because it’s in the heart of these three Cultural Heritage Conservation Center with radius of 70 kilometers.

Lang Co

Lang Co is one of the most beautiful bays in the world

When to go

The most beautiful time to visit Lang Co is from April to July. It rains during August to November so the beach can be opaque. From December to March next year, the sea would be cold.

Lang Co Bay


How to go


If you are from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you can first fly to Hue or Da Nang then take a taxi to Lang Co. It’s just about an hour drive from Phu Bai airport (Hue) and in case booking a room in advance, you can have that hotel rent your car.

However, the quickest and easiest way to get in Lang Co is via a taxi from Da Nang International Airport. The taxi driver will always go through the tunnel, if left to his own devices, but for a more exciting race, ask the driver to take the Hai Van Pass. The Hai Van Pass route will take about 50 minutes from the airport to Lang Co (about 15km), while the tunnel route will take approximately 35 minutes (about 35km).

Airfares Reference (including taxes and fees) (8/2012)

Vietnamairlines: Hanoi– Hue: 80 USD/ ticket
HCMC – Hue: 90 USD ticket

Hanoi – Danang: 45 USD/ ticket

HCMC – Danang: 60 USD/ ticket

Jetstar:        HCMC – Danang: 30 USD/ ticket

Vietjet:        Hanoi – Danang: 35 USD/ ticket

HCMC – Danang: 25 USD/ ticket


Train Reference:

Hanoi – Hue: 20 USD/ticket (688km – 12 hours).  (It’s a good idea to start at 7pm to arrive at 7 am).

HCMC – Hue: 20 USD/ticket (1088km – 24 hours).

Hanoi – Danang: 17 USD/ticket (791km – 14 hours).

HCMC – Danang: 15 USD/ticket (935km – 7 hours and a half).

Train station addresses:

Hanoi: 120, Le Duan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Tel: (84-43) 9423697.

HCMC: 01 Nguyen Thong, Ward 9, District 3, HCMC. Tel: (84-8) 39318952.

Danang: 202 Hai Phong, Thanh Khe Ward, Danang. Tel: (84-511) 3821 175 – (84-511) 3823 810.

Hue: 02 Bui Thi Xuan, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue. Tel: (84-54) 3822175

After arriving to Hue, It takes you about two hours to Lang Co by coach, the price for students or trekking is only 60,000 VND/person. Tickets are available at the ticket office at Ben Nghe Street. If you go in a group of four, you can consider renting a car with the fee about 30 USD – 40 USD.

If you are from Danang, you can catch a Danang – Quang Tri coach or a bus to Hue and ask the driver to stop in Lang Co (2 USD VND/person).

Where to eat

Be Den restaurant (Bé Đen) (located at a junction in the Hai Van Pass steep, about 2,5km from tunnel entrance, tel: 84-54 3874435): one of the most delicious restaurant with reasonable price. A main dish with rice is from 1,2 USD/dish. Seafood which can be buy in kilogram and have the restaurant cooked is from 3 USD/dish. Don’t forget to try grilled lobster or central sour soup with split head shrimp. Besides, there are also some more great fresh dishes such as steamed squid or boiled squid with ginger, roasted crab with tamarind… Another plus for this restaurant is the great viewpoint to beautiful Lap An lagoon (Lập An) in the evening.

(If you are from Lang Co Beach Resort, you can get here via free shuttle vehicles).

Be Phuong restaurant (Bé Phượng), Thien Ly restaurant (Thiên Lý), Be Thinh restaurant (Bé Thịnh) (at the foot of Lang Co steep): food is also fresh and cheap.

Small roadside restaurants below Lang Co steep: nice to visit.

Restaurants or kiosks upper Lang Co steep: not recommended. Because of catering to a lot of coaches and travellers, they are usually noisy and unhygienic

Small kiosks along 1A National Highway: It’s better to take a look before ordering.


Grilled squid – a very tasty dishes in Lang Co Bay

What to see

The best choice for travellers is obviously swimming on the Lang Co beach, but it’s a pity if you miss some interesting attractions:

Markets and Lap An lagoon: by motorcycle taxi or rent a motorcycle in front of the resort (preferable, only 1 USD/hour). There are shoes, clothing, belts from Laos, pretty cheap. It’s very memorable to ride on the travelling road which along Lap An lagoon and mountains. Lap An lagoon is full of snail shells and no mud, so you can wade far on clear water.

Chan May Beach (Chân Mây) (3km from 1A National Highway): flat beach stretching an arc, white sand and gentle waves. Beach is beautiful but if you want to swim here note that there will be no lifeguard on duty, no hazard warning system.

 Hai Van Pass (2)

Don’t miss the opportunity for sightseeing from Hai Van Pass.

Hai Van Pass:  up to the Hai Van Pass from Lang Co, you can find the most beautiful view where also the division of Hue and Da Nang. You can take pictures in the American blockhouses or Vong Hai Dai (Vọng Hải Đài) from King Minh Mang. At the end of the Pass, you will see many faucets spray highly upward (up to 7m – 8m) along the street. Water is led from the mountains to wash the car, but you can also wash your hands free with some sweet little words.

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park: located about 30 km west from Lang Co, Bach Ma is famous for its cool climate. The temperature is never below 4 degrees Celsius and upper 26 degrees Celsius. You can stroll to enjoy the atmosphere of the mountains, visit Ngu Ho waterfalls (Ngũ Hồ), Do Quyen waterfall (Đỗ Quyên), conquer the Bach Ma peak, visit Vong Hai Dai which is a great viewpoint to see Chan May Bay and Cau Hai lagoon.