Sharing accommodation  with strangers can be a little daunting to begin with but it can also be a great way to meet new friends ,find new travel buddies and keep costs down . Here are uor top tips for sharing accommodation:

Always say hello and introduce yourseif – If’s pretty weird sleeping next to someone when you don’t even know his or her name.


Don’t flash your belongings – the majoriry of your fellow travelers are as honest as you are but some aren’t.

Most thefts are opportunisitic so always secure your belongings in a locker . If there no lockers then use a padlock or zip ties as a deterrent to both secure your rucksack and it to your bed.

Label your beers !!Even the nicest of travelers are guilty of occasionnally stealing someone else’s beer!

Make an effort – Even if you are tired and feel like curling up in bed ,make the efort to sit in the communal areas and meet people .It can get pretty lonely otherwise.

Ask for advice – People love talking about their own travels ,so asking advice about a different destination is a great ice  breaker plus you migh find out something interesting .

Mid Range

Between the low- end budget accommodation and the 5* resort are an abundance of options to stisfy all budgets and tastes. For accommodation  that is 3* standard by western equivalents you can expect to pay between $30 and 40$ for ,a double room , including breakfast and wifi .The location is usually pretty good compared to budget hotels and you will find an abundance of additional amenities ,often including a swimming pool.



If you want to indulge in absolute luxury then there are plenty of places for you to stay in vietnam , Whether you choose a well know international hotel such as the Hilton of four seasons of you might be looking for a boutique hotel where you can experience the high life.

Expect prices to start at around $100 per night for a 5* hotel . Needless to say this figure can extend far higher than this but it all depends what are looking life.

You simply wouldn’t be able to find such high-end luxury for this price range in the western so why  not treat yourself.