Top 5 “Bun cha” stalls you must try once although they have never mentioned in any Hanoi travel guide book

When weather has gradually turned to be cool, it’s perfect to taste a bowl of “bun cha” (kebab rice noodles) served with sweet and sour dipping sauce from salted papaya and piece-kebab, ball-kebab, which are marinated carefully with spices, aromatic and delicious, and a plate of noodles, vegetables, chilli,… That’s so tasty! “Bun cha” is now served at many stalls in Hanoi for meals, for enjoying, for tourists, for gourmets who live at Hanoi. You can find it anywhere.


But, nowadays, I have to admit that stalls or restaurants, which are recommended by travel guide books or reviewed by popular pages on the internet, are not properly good. Because, through time there are some stalls will not keep the right recipe, which was handed down from generation to generation. When these stalls become famous and have a lot of tourists visiting, they easily become industrial. While new stalls open day by day, each of them has its own recipe but still keep the origin. These stalls all serve delicious “bun cha”, but the price is cheaper than the old one.

Today, we temporarily forget the old stalls, which we can name fluently when someone ask about where to eat “Bun cha” at Hanoi, and together take a trip to the other stalls, which are younger than long-standing one but its quality and price are great too. Nowadays, Hanoi people often come to these stalls much more than long-standing one.

Bun cha Cua Dong

“Bun cha” at here is recognized as the most “addicted” ones by many people. Firstly, kebab is not grilled normally but with piper lolot so it is really aromatic. A serving serves so much kebab that many people eat all rice noodles but still has much kebab in the sauce. With 2 USD, you can completely enjoy the delicious “bun cha” at Cua Dong.




Bun cha Hang Quat

Bun cha Hang Quat is no longer strange to anyone. Although the stall is small, located inside the old quarter and just puts a few tables and chairs along the alley, but it’s always crowed. ”Bun cha” at here is delicious and recognized by many people.


Grilled fatty pork at “Bun cha Hang Quat” gets much of compliment. A piece of grilled meat is perfect round, firm, but not too fatty. Although outside it quite singes, but inside it’s still soft and extremely aromatic due to be marinated carefully. The grilled fatty pork is really fragrant so people who come to this alley for the first time can find the stall by following that odour.


Bun cha Hang Than

Another best choice for you at the old quarter is “Bun cha Hang Than”. The crowded scene at this stall is no longer strange to people living around the quarter. This stall makes people, who come to eat, surprised at its price-just 1,5 USD for a serving concluding a big bowl of noodles and kebab. That’s so cheap because this stall is quite famous at this old quarter.


Both noodles and kebab are much, so we sure that you’ll eat to satiety for a lunch. The way they serve customer is quick and agile. And that is the big plus for this stall, besides the delicious flavour of “bun cha”.


Bun cha Phat Loc

Bun cha Phat Loc is also called “bun cha que tre” (“que tre” can be translated literally bamboo rod). The meat is chosen carefully, sliced into thick pieces-half lean half fat and marinated with many spices and then grilled by the mistress who is over 30 years of experience. No need to dish, just look at bamboo rods full of grilled meat, you will feel crave right away.


Bun cha Bach Mai

Another stall at Bach Mai is recognized as one of the best choice for “Bun cha que tre”. One special thing of this stall is to open at 2:00pm-an inconclusive time and the mistress is “choosy”. So this stall is also called “bun cha chanh” (choosy “bun cha”). Just kidding!!! Though, because of its good standing, people still come to eat.