Things to do when lost luggage

luggage lost

If luggage is damaged, ask the airlines to pay for repairs

if your suitcase is torn, lost or damaged wheel, airlines have the responsibility to pay for the repair, or depreciation. You must prove that you do not bring the damaged item does not fit, especially when outside the suitcase is absolutely no problem.

If the baggage is delayed, please report the loss as soon as possible

Things to do when lost luggage

Most luggage lost only delayed, because the airlines have sophisticated inspection systems and can find out in a few hours. Most likely because your baggage was transferred to another flight by mistake.

However, you should ask employees issuers for lost paperwork on luggage. You can give them your luggage votes and took a copy of the papers.

At the same time, you should ask for their phone number to contact when needed. One important secret that you should take pictures before leaving luggage to avoid losing public description for airline staff.

Check back airfares on compensation

if airlines only the highest level of compensation $ 200, you should keep valuables in the handbag.

request a refund baggage

this depends on the airline, but you can ask to be reimbursed the amount you pay for checked baggage.

Do not assume that the lost luggage will be transferred free of charge to you

to make sure of this, ask the airline in advance, and negotiate with them if necessary.

If the sports equipment is lost, ask the airline paid for your equipment rental.

to request compensation if luggage is lost

According to the Air Travel Consumer report, for every 1,000 new passenger baggage 2.9 reported losses communications, including theft, damage and delays.

When this problem happens to you, ask to be compensated. Airlines will do everything possible to find your luggage and avoid paying.

But when your luggage is lost really, they would have to refund to you. You will have to fill out a detailed form and including items in luggage.
luggage lost
Remember that you never pay the actual price

Airlines will only pay the depreciated value, unless you can prove that the lost items are brand new, like clothing or other items you bought to use temporarily while waiting to find luggage.

Do not ask too much

If airlines think you’re exaggerating, or lie, they will reject compensation completely. They usually ask you to provide receipts or documentation purchase, so be prepared, or willing to explain in detail.

Check your credit card

Some credit cards have insurance for the flight and baggage . This provision is applied automatically when you buy a plane ticket with the card. So, check with your bank about this provision if any.

Be patient

To search for your luggage, the airline will take from several hours to a month, plus 4 weeks to 3 months refund the money to you. In some cases, they will request for flight voucher worth more than all the money they owe you, but you should check the terms and term limits voucher use.