Da Lat cty travel

Da Lat is a poetic and peaceful city. Every time I visit to Da Lat, it seems like I’m lost in somewhere in Europe. The interminable pine forests open a magical and picturesque world. Sometimes, this gives me peace of mind and I can feel the gentle breath of Da Lat. If you are Vietnamese, you should once visit to Da Lat to immerse yourself in nature or simply to live slow down.


With all our experiences and information collected from many resources, Womantoday will supply you some information and tips for backpacking tourism in Da Lat with the cheapest cost. We hope you have interesting memories when visiting Da Lat.


First of all, to prepare for travelling to Da Lat, we together find out basic information about Da Lat. Da Lat is a provincial city and a capital of Lam Dong province, located in Lam Vien highland, about 1500m above sea level and covers an area of 393,29 square kilometres.


With many beautiful scenes, Da Lat is one of the most famous cities for tourism in Viet Nam. In French colonial period, the Latin name Dat Aliis Laetitiam Temperiem means “giving people the joy, giving the others the freshness”. Da Lat is known as: the city of flowers, the city of love, the city of spring, the foggy city,… Da Lat was found in 1983 by a Swede with French citizenship called Alexander Yersin, due to demand for vacation of French who want to find out a place has the same climate as their country. After 100 years of establishment and development, Da Lat, which attracts a lot of foreign and domestic tourists, is now becoming a top tourism centre of Viet Nam.



This place has become the paradise of tourism for a long time so it always has tourists visit here all year round. Following the experiences of travelling to Da Lat, it attracts the most tourists in July, August and September because this is the summer when it’s hot and people has relaxing time. Moreover, Da Lat has celebrated a Flower Festival every two year in even year near the Tet holiday, this time also attracts lots of tourists. If you love a noisy and boisterous place, you should come here at weekend or Festival holiday to feel the hustle and bustle of Da Lat.



Because Da Lat is a major tourism centre, there are many passenger cars work for travelling here. You can choose any passenger car you like, the price for a ticket is just about 10 usd to  12 usd . That is so reasonable!!!  If you want to travel by a sleeper coach for safety and comfort, you can refer to: Thanh Buoi coach, Phuong Trang coach,… or some coaches of An Phu, Sinh Cafe, Xiaan Hùng,…

Or you can travel to Da Lat by airplane if you want. It’s about 25 kilometres from Lan Khuong airport to city center, you can catch a taxi to go there. For those who love adventure and backpacking tourism, you can go by motorcycle. It’s so interesting when conquer the pass on the road to Da Lat.

Coming to Da Lat, you can rent motorcycle at any hotel, the price is from 4 usd to 12 usd. This is up to the type of motorcycle you choose:  automatic motorbike or manual motorbike. If you love romantic, you can rent a bicycle or tandem.   It just cost 10usd/hour and you can tour around Ho Xuan Huong Lake. Or you can rent a car with 60usd or more, it’s up to the type of car. But you must pay attention about the time for rent, it’s from 8 am to 7 pm. If you return the car you rent after 7 pm, you must pay 5 usd for every hour late. Besides, there is another vehicle for travelling: Bus. But, contrary to the bus in Ho Chi Minh city or anywhere else, bus at Da Lat just go to the wards or districts, not within the city.