Street foods of Southeast Asia you need to taste once in your life


Street foods of Southeast Asia you need to taste once in your life

Together with poetry and imposing beauty spots, street food always attracts tourists when they discover every land, every country. Unlike foods that are made carefully in 5 star restaurants, street food is simple, plain and close to locals’s life.

Let’s follow the Indonesian girl-Melissa Hia, who used to make many people crave with the plan “Eating the whole world”, discover street foods that are unique, well-known and delicious of Southeast Asian country.


Wine gourd candy is a nosh relating to Chinese. These candies with lucky red always attract kids and even adults. Especially in the winter, skewers of candy are pinned up straw columns following the hawkers going through small alleys. It becomes more attractive because its sweet seems like dispel the cold.


A sweetheart cake or wife cake is a famous traditional Cantonese pastry. The cake crust is baked to become crispy. Inside, there are many types of main filling such as green peas, durian, century egg or mixture filling,… These all brings to the cake sweet and delicious flavour.


Paratha is a flatbread that is made from flour, the filling inside is a mixture from vegetables or fruits, eaten with the mango chutney sauce. Paratha is a popular dish of Indian. It’s delicious due to the crispy cake crust and the tough filling.


Vietnamese iced coffee is not only a popular drink but also a culture of sai Gon people. Most tourists coming to Vietnam in general and Saigon in particular do not miss the chance of enjoying a cup of Vietnamese iced coffee that is cool and aromatic.


Coconut ice cream is the street food that shouldn’t be missed when coming to Thailand. This food is sold a lot in many street of this famous travel country. You can choose for yourself your favourite topping such as peanut, sweet corn,…


Takoyaki of Japan is famous for attractive and delicious taste. This is one of favourite noshes of the country of sunrise. This ball-shaped Japanese snack is fried become crispy and filled with minced or diced octopus that are brittle and tough enough when chewing. That’s so interesting.


Bakso is a popular dish which is known by any Indonesian when you asking. This dish is meatball made from beef surimi. A bowl of Bakso often has salted vegetables, tofu, egg, meat dumpling, noodles or rice vermicelli that are all easy to eat and cool too.


Tahu Gejrot of Indonesia is a popular nosh of locals. Tahu gejrot is made from fried tofu with seasons such as purple onion, garlic, chilli and all mixed together with sweet and sour sauce.


Fried sticky tofu of ancient village Jiufen at Shuqi street in Taiwan always makes all tourists visiting here eager to taste it or get away from it. Sticky tofu is soaked in water with fermented milk, meat or vegetables and it has strong odour. But, similar to durian, people who can eat this food is easily addicted to it.


Tteokbokki is the food which you can buy any time you want from street vendors when visiting to Korea. This popular dish is a favourite nosh of both kids and old people.


Curry puff is a popular pie of Singapore. It gets the shape similar to (pillow shaped cake) – a favourite cake of Vietnamese people. This pie is made from curry sauce, meat, potato and egg. Curry puff has a weird flavour but it is still delicious and attractive.