if carrying enough items below the hand luggage of the trip, you will be assured, even if baggage is lost.

Paper ID

the first item should be placed in hand luggage are all sorts of important papers on your own, especially your passport and airline tickets, and travel insurance (if applicable).

in addition to , you need to have the information property address and contact telephone number.You will have to provide this information to the airline in case of lost luggage.

You also need to prepare a little cash and credit cards to spend.

The secret 'survivors' as hand luggage only


You will need to wear items if baggage lost, so bring a little light clothes. If the compact and tightly roll clothes, you’ll save space. Even more important is to bring some underwear and socks (socks).You can wear a T-shirt for 1-2 days, but it is necessary to replace underwear every day.


For some people, medication is and haunting, and can affect the network without carrying. So you take your medication for a few days if needed.

The chemotherapy drug required medical documentation attached through security at the airport. If you wear contact lenses, you should bring a little bit to change, with a small nursing bottle.

Furniture personal hygiene

sensitive skin If so, you probably will not use hygiene items at the hotel, because so please bring a small size. These items will not occupy too much space in your hand luggage.

Gender should carry a strong electric shaver, because usually with a razor blade might have trouble through security.

Before you go , you should understand the provisions of the airline on the amount of liquid to be carried on board.

Take clear plastic bags and sealed for containing the liquid bottles, and a bag wrapped outside again precautions leaking fluid.

The type of charging


Do not forget to bring the kind of phone charger, computer, tablet … if you want to use, because there will be nothing worse than when you need to call home, but the phone off battery. You can bring versatile charger to save space.

The value of electronic equipment should also keep in hand luggage to prevent theft.

Regulations on cabin baggage

This is the most important thing, please check airline allowed how many kilograms of hand luggage, and sizes like. You should choose the lightest portable suitcase, and with wheels. Think before leaving luggage. Do not bring these items are not really necessary.