Vietnam is generally a fairly safe country to visit with relatively low violent crime and sexual offences . There are however a considerable amount of petty  crimes and thefts, especially against tourists . Don’t let this out you off ,just bear in mind that vietnam is an exceptionally poor ,developing country and tourists are considerad rich and there fair targets.


Even the humblest of backpackers usually have clothing of gadgets that amount to several year’s salary for a local vietnamses person .The majorrity of thefts from tuorists are simply done out of despecration and shouldn’t be taken personally – even if it feels pertty personal at the time!


Treat Vietnam as you would any other country ,be sensible and take reasonable precautions against all crimes . Just because you are abroad doesn’t mean you can forget all the sensible pieces of advice that your mother taught you . Take reasonable precautions against anything that could affect your sefety . Just in case you need a reminder of thise pieces of parental abvice then hare they are agian:safe-when-traveling-vietnam-3

  • Don’t flash valuables and cash of leave them lying around .
  • Be careful going out alone after dark in areas that you don’t know . As in any country there is an added risk when you are alone ,especially when it is obvious that you are a tuorist.
  • Don’t leave your drinks unattended or accept drinks from strangers .
  • If you are interding on getting incredibly drunk then make sure you are with people you trust who can get you home sefely . Drunken tuorists are exceptionnally vulnerable .
  • Do Not Buy or Take Drugs . Not only because they affer your judgment but also because there is a high chance that the people you buy the drugs off will immediately tip off the police and get a reward for doing so . Needless to say ,you don’t want a spell in a Vietnamese prison.
  • Trust your instincts ,if something feels wrong then leave the situation as quickly and calmly as you can.
  • Practice safe sex (regardless of whether your partner is a fellow tuorist of a local vietnamses person). Prostitution is illegal and considered a very serious crime in Vietnam.