For some people the thrill of planning is the best part of the trip . Other thrive on the excitement of simply having no plans and taking each day as it comes. On the other hand some travelers feel overwhelmed by the idea of traveling without solid plans or struggle to fit everything that they want to do into a set itinerary.


If you are one of the latter then an organized tour might be just the thing for you . The set itineraries and prices give you the security of knowing that your trip has already been organized and allow you to accurately budget.

Organized tours are also a great option if you don’t have anyone else to travel with and you don’t want to travel alone . This option allow you to meet like minded traveler and enjoy a sociable experience without any fear of traveling solo .

There are thousands of organized tuor companies available with great VietNam travel itineraries . The following companies offer fantasic ,reliable and great value trips.


Sinh Cafe :

Sinh cafe offers longer set tour as well as shorter day tour and sight – seeing activities . Don’t be put off by the basic website , this pri are kept low because resource are spent on the tours and not on the website.


Triip Me : provides a platform that connects travelers and locals to get the unique travel experriences .Travelers can select , book and personalize tour packages that are crafted by the loclas in over 600 cities and 90 countries around the world . By going with triip’s local life and explore more about history ,culture ,economy, social issues and have fun in VietNam with an insider’s view.

Vespa Adventures :

Everyone recognises the iconic vespa , the daddy of all mopeds ! well with vespa adventures you get to see the highights of vietnam whilst riding a beautifully resorted vintage vespa .You have no fear of being ripped off with there guy’s , vespa’s are thie lives and every single vehicle is lovingly maintained.

Try to reserve tours in advance, as they tend to book up quikly . there is a number on the site that you can call for a last minute booking are feeling inspred!

Top tips: event if you plan to resarch your own tour then you use either of there websites of inspiration . You won’t get the reassurance of a supporred tour but you will be able to see what’s realistic to do in a certain timeframe and get ideas for places to visit.