Not only does Da Lat have wonderful weather, charming scene, but also it attracts tourists by its fresh beauty and activities that are interesting and youthful.

New strong points of Da Lat tourism

The journey of discovering Da Lat is always attractive because this place renews every single day. Near Xuan Huong lake, now there is Lam Vien Square with the architecture of a giant flower bud tiled glass colourfully for tourists taking photos with after walking around the lake.

Da Lat station has the trains to Trai Mat for tourists to view the charming and poetry scenes of the city. Going deeply inside Tuyen Lam Lake, tourists will be charmed by the landscape of maple forests being as beautiful as a painting.

Da Lat night market-a paradise of nosh with two famous foods: grilled girdle cake and hot soybean milk – now there is L’angfarm with sweet buffet. With 1,5 USD, you freely eat many types of ice cream, milky candy, jam, dried fruit,… or drink coffee, juice and tea such as: chrysanthemum tea, artichoke tea, ganoderma tea, green tea, noni tea,… Beside the market, there is a walking street opening from 19:00 to 22:00 for you to freely visit.


Visiting to Da Lat, you can’t miss of sightseeing landscapes in tourist resorts. Photo by Phuoc Binh.

Pedagogical college of Da Lat with special arc architecture is the interesting place for taking photo. Lang Biang peak bring to tourists the wonderful weather of highland. Those are two of places where you can view the whole city from above and enjoy the fantastic landscapes.

These places are too familiar but if you try to discover deeply a little bit, you’ll find something new in your trip.

Unique homestay

Staying at little beautiful homestays is a popular trend nowadays.  A lot of homestays grow fast like mushroom growing after rain such as: Tre’s house (Vo Truong Toan), La Nha (Hoang Dieu), Le Blue (Le Hong Phong), Garden (Nguyen Khuyen)…

The common features of homestays are beautiful scene close to nature, designed follow simple style but unique with a reasonable price. Choosing an overnight homestay, when night comes down, you can organize a BBQ party in your garden with friend. The quietness of such those homestays will let you enjoy a full quiet, comfortable night in Da Lat.

Check-in in some beautiful coffee shop

The list of beautiful coffee shops in Da Lat is growing longer day by day. Every shop has its unique features attracting tourists. Some of remarkable names that should be noticed are La Viet Coffee (Nguyen Cong Tru street), Gout Coffee & Pastry (Nguyen Van Troi street), An Cafe on the slope 3/2 bringing modern, youthful space.

Besides that, Tung coffee at 6/Hoa Binh has the space of quietness, nostalgia. Another coffee shop, that attracts lots of young people due to the view from high above of the whole of poetry landscape, is Me Linh Coffee at hamlet 4, Ta Nung commune.


Me Linh Coffee is the best place for viewing landscape. Photo by Nguyen Tuan Anh.

Discovering garden

Da Lat is now known as the only city owning the lavender field, or the only city having the huge pumpkin field. It’s a pity for tourist not to sightseeing these special fields. Don’t hesitate. Let’s join a tour around those fields right now.

You’ll see by eyes and touch by hands the violet petals of lavender at Van Thanh Flower village, the almost-100-kilogram-pumpkin at Xuan Huong agricultural travel village. Besides that, don’t forget to visit buckwheat flower field at Van Duc pagoda or small watermelon pepino at Vong Lam Vien street.

Adventuring with thrilling game

Da Lat has not only poetry destinations for you to release you soul to dream. In the cold weather, instead of sipping a cup of coffee, why don’t you try playing thrilling games? It’s definitely an interesting experience! Dalanta waterfall always welcomes you with sliding game and swinging the rope over the waterfall.

In addition, the area of Movement game-High Rope Course has just opened. In this place, tourists experience to be tarzan swing the rope over the pine forests. Not ended, you can join in many other thrilling games such as going through the net, walking on air, crawling over the tube, crossing the cobweb,…


Coming to Dalanta, tourists have chance to be tarzan swing over the pine forests. Photo by Duy Hoang