The mystery of color in the passport of the country


International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is the competent authority specified size, number of pages of the passport. But the countries and territories cover selected colors, as well as the design and printing images inside. So there are a lot of story behind the birth of the passport that not everyone knows.


The mystery of color in the passport of the country  ‘s national passport with different colors.

The Arton Group which manage databases Index Passport, passport of the world usually have 4 primary colors: red, green, blue and black.

“However, shades cover different colored passports that have hundreds of variations of color “, Hrant BOGHOSSIAN – Vice president Arton Group – said.

in the European Union (EU) member states often use red passport, only different in tone. Meanwhile, the country bloc Caricom (the Community of Caribbean countries) chose blue.

This is explained with deep roots from geographic location, history of each region, or even economic reasons – political. Turkish government decided to change the cover each grant passports to burgundy, while efforts to join the European Union.

The EU countries often use passports trimmer

In many other regions of the world, color passport depends largely on faith. “The Islamic countries such as Morocco, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia often choose the green passport, because the importance of this color in religion”, BOGHOSSIAN said.

He explained: “They believe that green is the favorite prophet Muhammad, has symbolic significance for the nature and the life “.

in addition, some countries such as Singapore, Switzerland … choose color coincides with the color passport flag. This is to express a unique identity, unmistakable of this country to the rest of the world.

The country can also easily change the color passport cover without much hindrance. Before using dark blue, US passport residents had brought the color such as red, green …

Along with the US, countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Finland … as a group have passports prices most of the world. Citizens of these countries can travel to over 150 countries and territories worldwide, absolutely no, or very few restrictions on visas (visas).

The mystery of color in the domestic passport

America is one of the countries owning the most valuable passport world

Countries with high values passports usually come with big security security reasons. They are usually designed with sophisticated hidden image, appear only under ultraviolet light, and very difficult to forge.

According to Hrant BOGHOSSIAN, the production of embryos in a process passport is strictly controlled, only one of the few companies worldwide to be licensed. Therefore, the cover of the passport often have different color variations, but only within certain limits.

Recently, the company specializes in designing passport Neue Design Studio has revealed a new passport form Norway, with 3 different colors including white, turquoise and bright red. In the intestine, landmarks and the most famous landscape Norway will be selected for printing, including images of the aurora phenomenon north of the country.

The mystery of color in the passport of water
Pictures aurora borealis photo appeared in the Norwegian passport. Photo: Gaute Bruvik.
In 2012, Finland has launched a new passport design, create the effect of a pay elk on the move when the owner of a quick flip through the pages.
In the UK, some people are supposedly possesses special passport version, called Queen’s Messenger.According to rumors, the aforementioned passport contains information important to convey to the British consulates and embassies worldwide.