Reffering to Hue, people often think of ancient palaces, temples of glorious imperial dynasties. Everyone want a Hue tourism one time to see at first hand the vivid evidence of the last feudal dynasty. Not only that, people love the tender relaxation and slow life here.

Hue tourism

In Hue,  yellow poincianas are planted along Ngo Quyen street, Phan Boi Chau and Le Loi folk. It attrack many tourists, photographer. Photo : Tom Hoang

Transportation: Means of Transport of Hue Tourism


Airplane: Phu Bai Airport has just opened after the upgrade to serve Hue tourism. Every day there are flights from Hanoi and HCM City to Hue with many companies such as Vietnam Airlines, VietJetAir, Jetstar fares ranging from 900,000 VND / way.

Jetstar – Hotline: 19001550.  Booking at website:

Vietnam Airline: Booking at webside:

VietJetAir – Hotline: 19001866. Booking at webside:

Train: There are also trains­ from Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi to Hue. For those who have abundant time and want to experience the beautiful scenery along the way, you should choose this medium.

Fares from Hanoi to Hue: 25 usd – 40usd depending on the type of seat. (You can contact the booking Here)

Fares from Saigon to Hue from: 20usd-60usd depending on the type of seat. (You can contact the booking Here)

Coach: often called North – South sleeper coaches. Ticket price and quality do not differ much, you can refer to the company’s fare: Hoang Long, Phuong Trang, TheSinhTourist, …

In Hanoi, you can catch a coach to Hue at Giap Bat Coach station, Nuoc Ngam Coach station, Luong Yen Coach station, with fares from 15usd

In Saigon you buy tickets at the Mien Dong Coach station, with fares from 20usd.

Note: You should book ticket, or call coach owner in case the tickets are sold out. If not, you may be crammed in a coach full of people.

Transporting within the city of Hue: You can rent a motorcycle to move around and discover Hue tourism. The cost for this service is about 5usd – 12usd / motocycle / day. Visit the Citadel, you should take a cyclo to feel all the rustic, idyllic features here.

Renting boat for Perfume River sightseeing:

Boating, floating on the water, enjoying Hue folk songs and droping flower garlands, tourists can feel the taste, timbre of Hue. You can contact the marina management committee to rent a boat to go on the river combine Hue folk songs.

The price depends on whether you chose boat tours. Currently, traveling by Dragon boats on Perfume river with the following line:

– Hue – Linh Mu: 4 usd / 1 tour /1 single boat (12 usd / 1 double boat)

– Hue – Hon Chen: 5usd / 1 tour /1 single boat (VND 10usd / 1 double boat)

– Hue – Tomb of Minh Mang: 6,5usd / 1 tour /1 single boat ( 13usd / 1/1 double boat)

– Hue – Bao Vinh: 2usd / 1 hour / 1 single boat

Visit: Monument, beaches, tourist attractions of Hue

In Hue city

Hue city center focused many hotels which serve the needs of tour and rest of tourists. Enjoy the feeling immersed in a modern space and luxury in a 5 star hotel in Hue with without having to worry much about the cost. If you go to Hue for business, you can also easily find the hotel under the road name to facilitate your position as hotel in Ba Trieu street, hotel near Dong Ba Market, hotel in Hung Vuong street …

Hoang thanh hue

Citadel: Citadel is located inside the city of Hue which is the first place you should visit when traveling to Hue. After more than 100 years, these massive arichectural contructions have remained in the Citadel only meager, acount for less than half the original figure, but still carry the majesty of the imperial feudal time. Citadel is quite large, you should spend hafl a day or a day to discover all Citadel.

Listen Ca Tru on Perfume river: the Huong river is the pride of Hue tourism. In the evening, when the weather is cool, you can buy tickets, about 25usd in order to a emboat and look at the ancient capital city at night and listen to the melodies which take you back in time hundreds of years ago.

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum: (in Long An Palace, the most beautiful palace  of the Nguyen Dynasty palace system) is a gallery of antique furniture collection, clothes and … of Nguyen Dynasty Kings . Architecture is kept beautiful royal style.

ca tru


Near Hue city

The tombs: When you visit Hue, you can’t help taking your eyes to see these glorious ancient constructions. The tombs of the kings in Hue have specialism and interesting historical stories. But the tombs are often far apart and not in the city center. You should take a taxi or hire a car to drive yourself (about 300K) for a ticket to visit the tombs like Tu Duc Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb.

Near Hue city


Hon Chen Palace: The vestiges of Hue tourism consists of about 10 buildings with different size are located halfway  Ngoc Tran mountain, facing the Perfume River, nestled under the tree. Hon Chen has an important place in the spiritual life of Hue people. It is the only palace in Hue which has a combination of royal ceremonies and folk beliefs. It is also decorative arts place reached to high peak in the late 19th century.


Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda: is a interesting place you can not be ignored in Hue travel itinerary. Was built between 1600s and preserved many times, Thien Mu Pagoda attracts many tourists by the magnificent but purity, poetic. In order to Thien Mu Pagoda, you can take a boat along the river. It’s very romantic.

Thien Mu Pagoda 2

Vong Canh Hill: Located about 7 km from the city. From the Vong Canh Hill you can see the poetic of Hue, especially the Tombs of the Kings Nguyen and Perfume River flowing across the city.

Vong Canh Hill


Ngu Binh Mountain: Along with the Perfume River, Ngu Binh Mountain is the second gift because The Creator granted, bring the romantically scenery to Hue tourism. From many years ago, this beautiful mountain with blue Perfume River has become the symbol of Hue nature. From the mountain,you can contemplate the famous landmarks  and poetic natural landscapes.

Ngu Binh Mountain


Far from Hue city

Bach Ma mountain: Located about  60km from Hue city. Bach Ma mountain is famous with many streams and spectacular waterfalls. Do Quyen waterfall high as 400m, both sides of the falls, Rhododendron bloom as two giant flower silk. In the center of the resort there is Bac waterfall about 10 meters high, 40 meters wide. Standing on Bach Ma mountain tourists can take in full views of the splendor of Hai Van Pass, Tuy Van Mountain, Cau Hai Lagoon and shimmering  light of Hue City at night.


 Thuan An Beach, Canh Duong Beach:The peaceful beaches in  Hue are always in the top of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam central,where have many Hue tourists.

Lang Co Beach,

Biển ở Huế còn rất hoang sơ. Ảnh:@tminhanh_

Lap An Lagoon: is 70 km southern Hue, at the foot of the Hai Van Pass, nature has endowed Lap An lagoon a winding path running around lagoon like soft silk. Here, there is a fish species are known as “special”, “jewel of heaven” … it’s oysters. From when, people have known to take advantage of damange rubber tires to catch oysters. Best Lap An lagoon in the sunset, has made many tourists amazed, and if no time to shoot, anyone wants to look to save plenty of beautiful moments of creation.

lap an

Cau Hai Lagoon: Not famous like Lap An lagoon or Chuon Lagoon, Cau Hai lagoon nestled on Highway 1A, which runs from Cau Hai to Phu Gia Pass. Cau Hai Lagoon is vast as the sea, harvests water from the river in Thua Thien Hue so it moves from freshwater to brackish in the dry season.

Cau Hai Lagoon

Elephant  stream: From Hue city 60 km run to the south, cross the territory of Thua Luu, Loc Tien commune, Phu Loc district, tourists will come to Elephant stream, a stream with many large waterfalls which flush under a primitive forests and quite thick vegetation. Stream is named Elephant  stream, because  there is a stone look like a elephant drinking water by its hose at the foot of the waterfall. It also has a lake was named Elephant pass, this is a natural pool about 30 square meters wide, 2 meters deep, located between two waterfalls. You can see the bottom of the lake through cool blue water.

Elephant  stream

Truoi Lake: From Hue city to Truoi bridge in Loc Hoa commune, Phu Loc District, turn 10 km further  will meet Truoi lake and Truc Lam Bach Ma Temple.  Truoi land  “fragrant strawberry sweet jackfruit” went on to songs, poems to praise the rare beauty of this place. Truoi lakes is blue, large and vast stretches of sight, nestled at the foot of the Bach Ma Mountain.  visited the temple, tourist can rent boats to walk on the lake or buy tickets to visit the streams flowing into the Truoi lake which is full of wild strokes.

Truoi Lake

Foods of Hue: Restaurant, snack, specialty in Hue tourism

Hue cuisine map can say extremely rich and special. The dishes with special features hard to find out in another place.

The special snack store:

– Che Hem: famous for  sweet gruel with roast

– Yogurt Nguyen Du

– Soy milk with egg opposite Dong Ba Market

– Giam nuoc noodle on the Chi Lang street, near the Gia Hoi bridge

Che hue

Hue is the heaven which has many delicious and cheap foods. Photo: Bước Chân Không Mỏi

In Hue, there are many specialty dishes which can’t told all of them, but if you’ve come here, you should definitely try:

1.Com Hen: Sell lots of stores and street hawkers around Hue. The price is very cheap and the food is quite exotic.

Com Hen


  1. Va Hue: rustic dishes of Hue. “Va” trees give fruits,was so sweet and fleshy, can make your salad with dishes such as rice noodle with barbecue, rice noodle and sour shrimp clamp meat, banh khoai, beff soaked in boilinig vinegar… , Va is mixed with girdle-cake, Va is cooked with sauce and pork, beef, perch, pompano, tuna … ,

Va Hue

3.Hue beef rice noodle: Food will feel familiar but very different when eating at the “root” of Hue. The white noodles with feature “moc hong” (mixed fresh rolls and crabmeat), pieces of beef shank are stewed softly , with a little spices as chili, sauce, lemon, extremely interesting,both spicy and hot. The beef noodle stores have spread to the streets of Hue.

Hue beef rice noodle

  1. Banh Beo Hue: Hue people enjoyed and had a habit of using traditional cakes in snack time. Besides the familiar street hawkers,in Hue, it also grow many “Banh Beo town” around the An Dinh Palace, Ngu Binh Street, Nguyen Binh Khiem Street

Banh Beo Hue

5.Banh Loc “Mu Do” : In Hue there are more Banh Beo, Nam Loc stores but nobody  don’t knows Banh Loc store of Mrs.Do. Banh Beo, Nam, Loc store of Mrs.Do is called Banh Loc Mu Do. Apart from the cakes as banh beo, banh loc, banh nam, it also has delicious  fried shrimp cakes delicious. Address: 71 Nguyen Binh Khiem.

Banh Loc

  1. Banh Khoai: Pour milled rice flour paste with water and beaten egg yolk, then add pepper, onion, fish sauce, salt, peeled shrimp, beef (or bird) baked sliced, tiny sliced fat, fresh beanspout.

Banh Khoai

Places to stay in Hue

Hotels in Hue are varied, depending on your individual conditions you can easily choose a proper hotel.

Best place to take photos in Hue

Tam Giang Lagoon

Generally this is a nice place to take pictures of the sunset, the scene of fishermen operating on the sun out with red color.

Tam Giang Lagoon1

Hue Citadel

Mentioning Hue, people think of Hue Citadel, one of the tourist sites of Hue on the top when you visit Hue. And no exception that it is considered an ideal location in Hue to take photos .

Hue Citadel

Truong Tien Bridge

Truong Tien Bridge, a site ins’t missed when traveling Hue. Romantic and poetic background surely bring you impressive images on the hictoric bridge of Hue acient capital.


Perfume river

Coming to Hue, the first place need to visit is perhaps the Perfume River. Lyrical beauty of this river stuck more nostalgia in your heart more nostalgia, with colorful Truong Tien bridge making background more shimmering. Perfume River is 33km long, along the Perfume River you can save the pictures anywhere.

Some of the most beautiful places while take photos are:

– The river below the Vong Canh hill

– The river flows through the Truong Tien bridge

– The river at Thien Mu Pagoda – The river view from the Thien An hill top

– The river at Hon Chen Palace

– The river under the Tuan bridge (near Tomb of Minh Mang)

– The river flows through Con Hen

Thuan An Beach and Lang Co Beach

As one of 20 beautiful scenery of ancient Hue, now, Thuan An Beach attracks tourist to visit Hue. With sunshine, blue sea, white sand, is it very appropriate  to save the beautiful photos?

If you visit Lang Co beach, you can capture photos with white sand banks, then you take a picture in Thuan An Beach you will have beautiful picture with yellow sand banks. When evening comes, the sea surface has a shiny color to create beautiful pictures.


Thien Mu Pagoda

Landscape as well as the spiritual atmosphere of Thien Mu pagoda will bring you the most beautiful pictures. Besides, when you are  here, you will feel the serenity when the temple bell raised.


Thanh Toan tile bridge

Thanh Toan tile bridge is a round wooden bridge crossing Thanh Thuy Chanh village’s ditch,located about 8 km to the southeast  from Hue city. This is the wooden bridge is classified as rare and valuable highest art in ancient bridge in Vietnam. Thanh Toan tile brigde is the appropriate place for young people to do like taking nostalgic photos nostalgic .