Cao Lau hoi an

Coming to Quang Binh, visitors to enjoy the soup porridge mornings, also to look to the Phuong Lang village of Quang Tri to have satiety servings Banh Uot.

The delicious Central spicy that you should try

Chao Canh, Quang Binh

Banh Canh bowl cuisine flavor Quang Binh land
Banh Canh bowl cuisine flavor Quang Binh land

Soup porridge may sound strange, but the fact is that the combination of the tough Banh Canh, rich broth cooked along with the meat, shrimp, and fish. Quang Binh soup cake thread not to like fried Western, but thicker noodle strands and in the North. Bouillon is a combination of pork, shrimp and fish were split up into small pieces of plate.

Every morning the people may choose to eat a bowl of oatmeal soup makes with ram be fried for onions. Visitors can also serve with grilled pork. Especially with this dish the seller often for lots of green onions and some water, the same chili ngò spicy. So if not eaten are spicy, you could say with the owner to have a morning enjoyment.

Banh Uot of Phuong Lang Quang Tri

Banh Uot filled
A Banh Uot filled with a variety of vegetables are eaten.

Quang Tri from the Centre towards the highway about 12 km is the local village 49B. Tam bridge past Ownership of about 50 m there is a roadside cafe just selling every kind of Banh Uot nicely. Wet gear Method Lang is the combination of boiled pork, raw vegetables are both thin fibers are cut young banana, and especially to use Banh Uot made by the village.

The cake wet with raw vegetables boiled meat and use a sauce is equally special. The sauce is brewed locally for the comparison, enclosed and greased some sesame seeds. The Cook didn’t forget to put in the spoon chili Africa make real nose tingle. This is a dish to play so you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Suggestions: Di Si diner, Phuong Lang bridge crossroads, Hai Ba Ward.

Crab Banh Canh, Hue

Crab Banh Canh, Hue
Crab Banh Canh, Hue

To the Hue is to heaven region. Hue has a special soup cake, creating a variety of ways and with different flavors. Crab Banh Canh a renovated. This is a simple dish, primarily made with rice flour made into fried strands are small and soft. Crab or horse crab is cleaning and separation via the small meat pieces to fit your mouth. Cilantro was also prepared.

When guests arrive, the seller just removes them via the trụng soup and the water is boiling, remove the next few accompanying redness over crab meat separated into Bowl. Then chana little bouillon gets smoke, and don’t forget to enclose at least objective ngò, and Diners had a bowl of cake left delicious crab soup. This dish really should put some pickled chili sauce together for extra spicy.

Cao Lau, Hoi An

Cao Lau hoi an
Cao Lau is a dish, the tingle of Hoi An ancient town.

Referring to the Cao Lau then everybody remembered Hoi. This is the food of the people of Ad and is not to be missed for anyone when visiting the city. Cao Lau initially looked like strands of noodles, who makes slightly yellow margins. A somewhat higher floor will be full of noodles, pork, raw vegetables, and fragrant pork skin is crispy fried rụm.

The seller will sprinkle soy source onto little sauce taste like soy sauce and chili seeds at least for just the mouth. If customers want to eat spicier can add more chili powder is placed on each table. Cao Lau Hoi, who can eat any hour would, but most still is every morning.

Address hint: Cao Lau Thanh, Thai Phien street, Hoi An City.