­Cham Island tourism: Travel guides from A to Z

The Cham island belongs to Tan Hiep, Hoi An, Quang Nam, 15km from Cua Dai beach. It consists of 8 islands: Hon Lai, Dai, Mo, Kho Me, Kho Con, La, Tai, Ong. After visiting Hoi An, many tourists often visit this group of islands to enjoy peacefull beauty and wild nature.

Cham Island tourism

Best time to travel Cham island:

The right time to go Cham island is from March to August. At this time, the weather is warm, yellow sunny, calm sea. You shouldn’t go to Cham island at the rest because of storms, rough sea, the island became isolated areas.

If you want to combine your trip with visiting lanterns in Hoi An ancient town, you should go on full moon day of the lunar month. But note that on the 14th day the ancient town shimmer more than on the 15th day.

Or if you want to participate in cultural beliefs of the inhabitants of the island, then you can choose to go on holiday associations such as the Cau Ngu Festival (Lunar April 3th to 4th) or the Gio To Nghe Yen Festival (lunar March 9th to 10th ).

How to get to Hoi An:


The closest airport to Hoi An is located in Da Nang City, around 30km far from Hoi An. Nowadays, major airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar or Vietjetstar all offer flights from Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi to Da Nang. In order to buy low-priced airline ticket, you should purchase it before 3-6 months.

Other public transportations: Car, Train…

– Railway: There are trains from both Ha Noi and Sai Gon to Da Nang City (North-South railway), the price ticket ranges from 20 USD – 60 USD depending on train types and seat classes. It takes from 14 hours to 20 hours to travel by train from these 2 cities to Da Nang.
-Coach: costs from 19 USD – 25 USD. Hoang Long, Hlink, Mai Linh, Thuan Thao… It takes 18 – 20 hours from Ha Noi/ Sai Gon to Da Nang

Because a transit point to Hoi An is the train station, the bus station of Da Nang, so you can take the bus / taxi to Hoi An conveniently.
-From Ha Noi, tourists could stop at Tam Ky railway station in Quang Nam province, then take a coach to Hoi An.
– If you come from Ho Chi Minh City, you could take a coach to Da Nang, it would pass by and stop in Hoi An

Notes: From Da Nang City, there are 2 ways to reach Hoi An Town:
+ Follow National Route 1 to the South about 27km, continue on Vinh Dien Street then turn left and go for 10km to get to Hoi An Town.
+ The second way is faster and less crowded, from Da Nang, cross Han River Bridge, then go along Da Nang- Hoi An Provincial Highway, drive for 30km before getting Hoi An.

How to get to Cham island:

Cham island

Canoe: Fares is 7 USD/person, sold at Cua Dai or the travel agent in Hoi An. You will lose about 20 minutes to move. Departer time is 8 – 10:30.

Timber ships: Tickets 1,5 USD/person and 4 USD/person if you carry a motorcycle. You should go to Bach Dang at 7 o’clock or Cua Dai at 8 o’clock daily in order to buy tickets.

Transportations in Cham island:

The best popular vehicles is motorbike. You can hire it at the hostel on the island with price 4USD-10USD/day.

Addition, you can visit the island by boat at a price 2 USD – 10 USD contract once. The service crew are composed of coral diving.

Place to stay on Cham island

In Cham island, hostel is mainly homestay, gathered at Lang beach, Huong beach. The price of double room is 7 USD.  With single room, it costs 2 USD – 5 USD/person.

Note: Lang beach is the dock of timber ships, Huong beach is the dock of canoes. Depending on transportation, you can choose to stay near the dock.

Besides, if you like to harmony with nature, you can camp at Ong beach, Huong beach, Bim beach.People on the island rent a tent with a price of 7 USD.

cu lao cham

Tourist attractions in Cham Island:

In addition to the beautiful beach, Cham island also owns a lot of interesting attractions you can’t ignore such as:

Marine Museum Of Cham island:

First stop when they arrived on the island is the Cham island marine museum. This is place where you can learn the history, the tradition, the festivities, the produce of the sea … of this island, help you to have the panoramic view of the island and its people .

Champa ancient wells

Or also known as Xom Cam wells, dating back about 200 years, is located at the fork of Xom Cam  residential area. The structure of wells is similar to other types of Champa wells in Hoi An such as circular tube, the circular wells, wells background squares, at every corner there is a square pillar, the well brick is “donut ” style.

Cham island (2)

People in Xom Cam village said Xom Cam wells provide water richly for the people in the region. A special feature of this well water is never dry, even in the dry season the most.

Hai Tang Pagoda

Hai Tang Pagoda built in 1758 in the western foothills of  Hon Lao island. Inside the temple, there are horizontal lacquered board, parallel sentences gilded, monumental statues and a large bell. This is where farmers and traders bow in front of Buddha and pray to be blessed on the business way.

Hai Tang Pagoda

Tan Hiep market

To Cham Island, tourists can’t ignore Tan Hiep market, many people called Cham Market, located near dock area. The market sell  forest specialities, marine specialities and souvenirs. Guests often buy Muc Mot Nang ( dried-for-one-sunny-day-squids) here as a gift for friends and family. In the market you can ask sellers to reduce the price, but reduce a little because sellers don’t raise the price much.

Tan Hiep market
Tan Hiep market

The nest ancestor gods temple

Located in Bai Huong, The nest ancestor gods temple was  built completely in the beginning of the 19th century to worship the nest ancestor gods and nest ancestor protection. Every year on the lunar calendar March 10th, residents and those who exploite nest, held the worship monumentally in preparation for the new fishing season.

In addition, the nest island, Da Chong beach also is destinations where many tourists visit. Those who like to dive in the blue waters, Xep beach, Ong beach, Lang beach are great place.

What to eat in Cham island:           

Muc Mot Nang (dried-for-one-sunny-day-squids)

Muc Mot Nang of Cham island diverse with many kinds: “leaf” squid, “tube” squid, octopus, “ghim” squid … but only “tube” squid is processed “dried-for. –one-sunny-day” deliciously.They choose squids which are recently brought from the sea, then dried by “one-sunny-day”.

 Muc Mot Nang

Stone Crab

Stone Crab is a rustic delicacies of Cham island that one has to also look forward to tasting it.Crabmeat tastes sweet, but not usual sickly taste of coastal animals. Because stone crabs eat the grass on the mountain, so crabmeat has an odor of trees, very fragrant.

Stone Crab
Stone Crab


Abalone is extremely rare species of snail, snail has many names such as Cuu Nhi snail, Hai Nhi … so tourists enjoying abalone when visit Cham Island. This snail species clinging to rocks sea coral areas with high salinity, many large waves so it is difficult to detect and could hardly separate them from the rocks.

Jungle vegetable

Cu Lao Cham forest vegetable collection includes 16 trees forest which bring medicinal flavor, grows wild in the foothills as: Rau Don, Rau San, Rau Lui, Ma De … Early summer is the harvest of wild vegetables on the island. The easiest and the most retain flavors while enjoying the boiled vegetables, dotted with chili garlic sauce.

Vu Nang snails

Vu Nang snails
Vu Nang snails

You should go to Cham island on the full moon to enjoy dishes made from Vu Nang snails. Because into the season full moon Vu Nang snails appear much . Not as common as in Con Dao, Phu Quy … but Vu Nang snails of Cham island is strange specialties, strange to many tourists.

Banh It La Gai

Banh It La Gai are cakes in many places but this dish in Cham remain distinct characteristics. Previously, when the festival had been held, people had made this cakes but today this dish is available all-year to serve the needs of tourists.




– Cu Lao Cham Island is the place to say no to plastic bags, so before you leave the island you should not carry any plastic bags!

– Prepare marine items such caps, slippers, flat glass, sunscreen, insect medicine (if you intend to camp) …

– Bring full of personal documents for easy car rental.

– When snorkeling prohibit breaking coral reef coral brought to the mainland. The climate is hot during the day so if you move in a day should bring sunscreen and water.

Cu lao cham (2)