5 Top Travel Tips By Frequent Flyers
In some states, bicycles are actually considered vehicles, which means cyclists will often times use the same rights and responsibilities as motorists on the way. Before you venture from your bicycle, it's crucial that you fully understand the rules and your responsibilities as a bicyclist. To help you stay safe if you find yourself on the road, inform yourself...
A Handy Tips Strategies Traveling Overseas
Give dark-colored areas of confidence when you out and about at your travel getaway. If you look lost and confused, you are likely regarding targeted by criminals or scam artists. You will seem an easy target purchase appear as if you do not know your own are getting. Blend alongside the locals as almost as much as possible, though sometimes...
Top Travel Tips To Save More With Your European Holidays
Have you ever bought so many souvenirs on a trip that you almost couldn't get each of them home? Join the club. It is to get fixed in the excitement of a new place and for you to buy everything in view to remember appealing. However, if you're intending ahead for buying souvenirs, you a lot more likely to...

Bucket List Vietnam Travel

bucket list vietnam travel
Make the most of your trip and explore all of the highlights of Vietnam with this bucket list! Why not do some more research an add some of your own? Everyone has different ideas for tbe best adventures! Ca phe phin - Your own mini espresso maker! Hot water is poured onto the freshly ground coffee beans in the...
When visitting a country with a culture so different to that at home it's easy to make a faux pas sometimes without  knowing it . Using your basic manners and treating others how you would like to be treated is a great starting point . Below are some tourist do's and don'ts for the finer cultural details. Do's Greetings are no...
Vietnam is generally a fairly safe country to visit with relatively low violent crime and sexual offences . There are however a considerable amount of petty  crimes and thefts, especially against tourists . Don't let this out you off ,just bear in mind that vietnam is an exceptionally poor ,developing country and tourists are considerad rich and there fair...
Vietnam is a shopping heavan ; you can find anything from locally produced souvenirs to high end luxury goods . Prices are relatively cheap ,especially if you master the art of bartering ! Vietnam is famous for the following goods: Silk - You can either buy raw silk as material to use when you get home of buy  beatiful silk...
Tiet Canh - Raw blood suop is a traditional vietnamese dish ,typically made from the blood of ducks or geese and mixed with fish sauce before being refrigerated to encourage coagualation . Chopped and cooked duck meat is then added to a bowl before the blood is diluted with a broth and poured on top .Peanuts and coriander are...

How to travel in Vietnam

The Transport infrastructure in Vietnam is fairly good and relatively cheap . You can eaily navigate  around using local transport if you are willing to brave a little sign language and have a map to hand to show you intended destination.   Top tips : Write down the name and address of your destination before embaring on your journey . It...
Unless you have arranged a specialist package with your home country cell phone provider then making calls from Vietnam is going to be expensive .The best thing that you can do is buy a local SIM card while you are in Vietnam and then you can use this for marketing local calls e.g. to book tours or to make...




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