Bach Ma National Park
Lang Co Bay (Lăng Cô) is in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue Province, Central Coast of Vietnam. It is about 30 kilometers south to Danang and 70 kilometers north to Hue, recognized as one of the most beautiful bays in the world in 2009. You can combine visiting Lang Co Bay with other famous destinations such as Hue,...
Vietnam is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes, peaceful people but also have a lot of specialties "fascinate" visitors. Each locality has one or more of the featured dish, and any who go there must search for food. BUFFALO MEAT HANGING UP KITCHEN - HA GIANG Travel to Vietnam with Ha Giang, gather sides sit the moment, sipping...
Vietnam is generally a fairly safe country to visit with relatively low violent crime and sexual offences . There are however a considerable amount of petty  crimes and thefts, especially against tourists . Don't let this out you off ,just bear in mind that vietnam is an exceptionally poor ,developing country and tourists are considerad rich and there fair...
Little Trick To Get Reduced Airline Tickets
What's a website without posts? While you're at it, you may want help to make sure that the copies are well-written. This means that very good optimized, and they can also help grow your chances of ranking well in search. 18. Wear a money belt guide your valuables safe. I keep my passport, credit cards, insurance information and funds in...

Da Nang Tourism

Hoa Trung Lake
Introduction about Da Nang Tourism Situated in the South Central Region of Vietnam, Da Nang has mountains, plains and seas. Tourist attractions of Da Nang Tourism include: Ba Na Hills, My Khe Beach, Fantasy Park- The Biggest Indoor Amusement Park in Asia. Da Nang has a lot of seductive destinations such as: Hai Van Pass, Giant Primitive Jungle in Son...
In reecent years it has become easier to get a vietnamses visa you must remember ( unless you arrange it in advance ) You cannot get a visa on arrival . You simply cannot  arrive at the air port or land border and expect to pay a fee and get a visa stamp unless you have previously applied for...
Tips For Traveling With A Computer
Planning if you want an is fun, exciting, your reward these your hard work, time away with family, and so forth. However, a holiday retreat can still need its problems unless you follow some simple advices. Don't get caught with hidden fees, extra costs you didn't consider, airline issues, dirty lodgings, visiting destinations that don't suit your wants and...

Budget travel to Vietnam

So the important question , how much money should you budget for your trip? how many more days/hours/minutes are you going to have to stay in work afford this fream vacation? well how long is a piece string ? it's entirely dependent on how you want to travel. The cost of living in vietnam is exceptionally low in comparison to...
Tiet Canh - Raw blood suop is a traditional vietnamese dish ,typically made from the blood of ducks or geese and mixed with fish sauce before being refrigerated to encourage coagualation . Chopped and cooked duck meat is then added to a bowl before the blood is diluted with a broth and poured on top .Peanuts and coriander are...
Unless you have arranged a specialist package with your home country cell phone provider then making calls from Vietnam is going to be expensive .The best thing that you can do is buy a local SIM card while you are in Vietnam and then you can use this for marketing local calls e.g. to book tours or to make...




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