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Southest Asia is a famous subregion of Asia for charming nature and landscape with many pristine beaches. If you love tours in island and have not found yet any destination to visit in this year, then Koh Samui, Gili or Karimun Jawa are the best ideal places for you. Koh Samui, Thailand This is one of islands that attract tourists...
Sharing accommodation  with strangers can be a little daunting to begin with but it can also be a great way to meet new friends ,find new travel buddies and keep costs down . Here are uor top tips for sharing accommodation: Always say hello and introduce yourseif - If's pretty weird sleeping next to someone when you don't even know...
Cu lao cham (2)
­Cham Island tourism: Travel guides from A to Z The Cham island belongs to Tan Hiep, Hoi An, Quang Nam, 15km from Cua Dai beach. It consists of 8 islands: Hon Lai, Dai, Mo, Kho Me, Kho Con, La, Tai, Ong. After visiting Hoi An, many tourists often visit this group of islands to enjoy peacefull beauty and wild nature. Best...

Organized tours Vietnam

For some people the thrill of planning is the best part of the trip . Other thrive on the excitement of simply having no plans and taking each day as it comes. On the other hand some travelers feel overwhelmed by the idea of traveling without solid plans or struggle to fit everything that they want to do into...
Vietnam is generally a fairly safe country to visit with relatively low violent crime and sexual offences . There are however a considerable amount of petty  crimes and thefts, especially against tourists . Don't let this out you off ,just bear in mind that vietnam is an exceptionally poor ,developing country and tourists are considerad rich and there fair...
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cruises travel tips travel ,guide travel, Cruises travel ,Cruises tips Tip #2 - Get a Map of your Ship - Cruise ships are great. You don't to help get lost and a map can definitely be a substantial help you. Make sure you have the map and take some time to look it over so that you might be which will...

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Vietnamese prefer to deal in cash, credit cards are increasingly used in hotels, restaurants, and shops in big cities. Traveler’s checks in U.S. dollars can be exchanged at Vietcombank, the state bank. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) and Vietcombank have ATM machines that dispense only Dong. Most will accept foreign ATM cards, but travelers should check...

Vietnam travel insurance

Yes VietNam is cheap ,yes you can find a doctor and get medicine for a few dollars and yes , travel insurance isn't REAL travelers ... So why get it? It's true that you can easily find doctors or medicine for most minor ailments throughout VietNam but the problem arises if you have a major accident or illness. If you...
Unless you are arriving overland from laos or campodia the chances are that you will be flying into Vietnam . Make sure that you compare airline carriersa as prives can differ dramatically . To get a VietNamses  visa in advance  you usually need prove how ,and when you will be leaving the country – the easiest way to do...

Pre Travel Checklist

Now for shortest and arguably most importnat chapter, before jetting off into horion just humor us ( and your parrents/family / friends ) and quickly scan though this list to make sure that you have all the essentials. In advance  check validity of your passport book flights - arrival & depparture Visit doctor to discuss vaccinations Arrange visa Buy insurance ...




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