Unless you have arranged a specialist package with your home country cell phone provider then making calls from Vietnam is going to be expensive .The best thing that you can do is buy a local SIM card while you are in Vietnam and then you can use this for marketing local calls e.g. to book tours or to make...

How to travel in Vietnam

The Transport infrastructure in Vietnam is fairly good and relatively cheap . You can eaily navigate  around using local transport if you are willing to brave a little sign language and have a map to hand to show you intended destination.   Top tips : Write down the name and address of your destination before embaring on your journey . It...
Cruise Deals - How To Get Right Cruise Deal Online
Choosing a travel agent should the simple. Go to travel agents specializing in cruising. I am unable to stress this enough. There agencies that book cruises only there are also agents within Travel Agencies that are specialists in cruising. Both of these will fit niche. The technique is the Discounted Cruises travel. You become a Founding Member for your cost...
HA GIANG Ha Giang is the final frontier of Northern Vietnam, a rugged and awe-inspiring landscape of limestone and granite formations. The Ma Pi Leng Pass is the remote highway through the ‘mini mountains’ and is well worth the required $10 travel permit. It is not necessary to book this journey as part of an organised tour, simply hire a car...
Vietnam is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes, peaceful people but also have a lot of specialties "fascinate" visitors. Each locality has one or more of the featured dish, and any who go there must search for food. BUFFALO MEAT HANGING UP KITCHEN - HA GIANG Travel to Vietnam with Ha Giang, gather sides sit the moment, sipping...
Mediterranean cruise travel is booming! Lately years, the more players have started realizing the excitement of going Mediterranean cruise vacation and experiencing the region's culture, cuisine and natural bouncing. It is really a great full way of spending the holiday to try using the holiday trip. A person to experiencing and enjoying the beautiful seas, marvelous sunshine's. The vacation packages...
Sharing accommodation  with strangers can be a little daunting to begin with but it can also be a great way to meet new friends ,find new travel buddies and keep costs down . Here are uor top tips for sharing accommodation: Always say hello and introduce yourseif - If's pretty weird sleeping next to someone when you don't even know...
Choosing a travel agent should be simple. Go to travel agents focusing on cruising. I can't stress this enough. There agencies that book cruises only and then there are agents within Travel Agencies that are specialists in cruising. Both of these will fit into your market. If, to get to your Cruises travel port, have to have to drive your...
VietNam National Flag
Country Name: Vietnam Official Name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam Head of State. Tran Duc Luong, President of Vietnam since September 1997. He is a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the party’s Politburo. Capital. Hanoi. National Flag. Red with a large yellow five-pointed star in the center. Time Zone. UTC (formerly GMT) + 7 hours Population. 81.4 million (UN, 2003) Languages. Vietnamese (official), French,...
The joy of accommodation in VietNam is that the possibilitties are andle and there  is something for everyone . Nowadays there is wifi in most places so even the most basic of hostel will have a website that you can chekc out . Failing that you can check out reviews online. Incent years VietNam has also seen an increase in...




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