Vietnamese Food

Halal restaurants are available ,mainly in bigger towns and cities - check that are displaying halal certification prosters in the window if you aren't sure . Here are a few well-known local favarites to get you started on your culinary adventure: Pho (Rece Noodle)- A delicious ,rich rice noodle soup with so many varieties it's impossoble to count .It's cheap ,it's...
Street foods of Southeast Asia you need to taste once in your life Together with poetry and imposing beauty spots, street food always attracts tourists when they discover every land, every country. Unlike foods that are made carefully in 5 star restaurants, street food is simple, plain and close to locals’s life. Let’s follow the Indonesian girl-Melissa Hia, who used to...

Dining in Ho Chi Minh City

The colonial influence of the French is still very much apparent. On the local side, the Vietnamese dishes are made with fresh vegetables and meat. The seafood is also abundant and excellent. For a fast and efficient lunch break, try the Pho, the typical beef noodle soup! One of the best places to taste the authentic and cheap local...
Tiet Canh - Raw blood suop is a traditional vietnamese dish ,typically made from the blood of ducks or geese and mixed with fish sauce before being refrigerated to encourage coagualation . Chopped and cooked duck meat is then added to a bowl before the blood is diluted with a broth and poured on top .Peanuts and coriander are...
With unique flavour and history, broken rice (cơm tấm), kebab rice noodles (bún chả) or rice noodles with fried tofu and shrimp paste (bún đậu mắm tôm) have become dishes that attract a lot of tourists when coming to these two cities. Top ten delicious dishes you should try if you come to Hanoi and Saigon Broken rice (cơm tấm): In...
coconut milk coffe
Culinary culture in each region of Vietnam are the colors separate. Can for the Vietnamese people, such as bread, grilled or screws very close familiarity. However, in the eyes of foreign tourists, it is extremely strange. Here is the story about the specialties of Vietnam by a visitors from America. Phu Quoc island I had occasion to visit the Phu Quoc-an...
If you just try rice chicken, cao lau, dumpling, vac cake, which are all familiar dishes in Hoi An, maybe you should visit Hoi An once again to try the following dishes  Jellyfish noodle: Quang noodle with shrimp and pork might be familiar to most of people, but Jellyfish noodle might not, because jellyfish are only caught in some specific times...

Vietnamese fruit

Fruit Vietnamese boastsan abundance of fruit and you will love getting your daily fruit snack from the local stalls .On top of all the exotic fruits you can dream of here are a few more that you might have never event heard of : The breast milk fruit (vu sua) - it is named after the sweet milky juice inside...




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