So the important question , how much money should you budget for your trip? how many more days/hours/minutes are you going to have to stay in work afford this fream vacation? well how long is a piece string ? it's entirely dependent on how you want to travel. The cost of living in vietnam is exceptionally low in comparison to...
The offcial currency of vietnam is the vietnamses Dong (VND) and at the time of wrting (December 2015 ) the exchange rate is 1USD = 22,350 VND . The currency notes are : 1000 ,2000, 5000; 10,000 ; 20,000 ; 50,000; 100,000; 200,000 and the highest denomination is the 500,000 VND note . There are officially coins as notes...
You are no doubt a seasoned travel and have plenty of your own packing tips but it’s always worth marking a quick checklist as you go along so you know that you have covered all of the essentials. Clothes – Comfort is key ,especially if you have a hectic and adventurous schedule . You want  to stay cool in semmer...
Unless you are arriving overland from laos or campodia the chances are that you will be flying into Vietnam . Make sure that you compare airline carriersa as prives can differ dramatically . To get a VietNamses  visa in advance  you usually need prove how ,and when you will be leaving the country – the easiest way to do...
In reecent years it has become easier to get a vietnamses visa you must remember ( unless you arrange it in advance ) You cannot get a visa on arrival . You simply cannot  arrive at the air port or land border and expect to pay a fee and get a visa stamp unless you have previously applied for...
The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is positioned within the north of the nation. Crowded (pop. 6,000,000+), a little bit polluted, and barely run-down, it nonetheless could be very quaint. Although I didn't like Vietnam, I favored Hanoi. Rather a lot. I believed it had a sure allure to it.Time, and poor rebuilding, have worn down town. Throughout Hanoi, outdated French...
You’ve in all probability seen it within the background of numerous battle films, however nothing can put together you for the epic great thing about Vietnam. Whereas it isn’t my favourite nation on the planet, it is vitally stunning and there's no denying that. From the pure fantastic thing about Sam Mountain and Halong Bay to the artifical artistry...
Visiting Hanoi and you will find white French villas next to temples and monuments and there is always something to amaze you. The Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum is one of the most visited attractions in the country and should not be missed. Hanoi Old Quarter is another must - where you will be able to witness Hanoi at its liveliest...

Explore Hanoi

If Saigon is the frenetic, commercial heartbeat of Vietnam then gentle, verdant, historic Hanoi is the sedate, intellectual soul of the country. Its leafy boulevards, serene lakes and sweeping white French colonial architecture set the scene as tourists and locals alike seem to go about their business at a pleasingly civilised pace. The city is the administrative capital of the...
The colonial influence of the French is still very much apparent. On the local side, the Vietnamese dishes are made with fresh vegetables and meat. The seafood is also abundant and excellent. For a fast and efficient lunch break, try the Pho, the typical beef noodle soup! One of the best places to taste the authentic and cheap local...




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