Halal restaurants are available ,mainly in bigger towns and cities - check that are displaying halal certification prosters in the window if you aren't sure . Here are a few well-known local favarites to get you started on your culinary adventure: Pho (Rece Noodle)- A delicious ,rich rice noodle soup with so many varieties it's impossoble to count .It's cheap ,it's...
Vietnamses Vietnamsescuisne traditionnally combines five fundamental flavors : spicy (metal),sour (wood),biter(fire),salty(water) and sweet (earth). Taking influencer from both chineses and thai cooking styles it is considerd one of the healthiest cuisines in the world rich in fresh ingredients and unique flavor combinations. The basis of most meals is rice of noodles along with meat ,seafood and plenty of herbs ,spices...
The Transport infrastructure in Vietnam is fairly good and relatively cheap . You can eaily navigate  around using local transport if you are willing to brave a little sign language and have a map to hand to show you intended destination.   Top tips : Write down the name and address of your destination before embaring on your journey . It...
Unless you have arranged a specialist package with your home country cell phone provider then making calls from Vietnam is going to be expensive .The best thing that you can do is buy a local SIM card while you are in Vietnam and then you can use this for marketing local calls e.g. to book tours or to make...
Sharing accommodation  with strangers can be a little daunting to begin with but it can also be a great way to meet new friends ,find new travel buddies and keep costs down . Here are uor top tips for sharing accommodation: Always say hello and introduce yourseif - If's pretty weird sleeping next to someone when you don't even know...
The joy of accommodation in VietNam is that the possibilitties are andle and there  is something for everyone . Nowadays there is wifi in most places so even the most basic of hostel will have a website that you can chekc out . Failing that you can check out reviews online. Incent years VietNam has also seen an increase in...
Now for shortest and arguably most importnat chapter, before jetting off into horion just humor us ( and your parrents/family / friends ) and quickly scan though this list to make sure that you have all the essentials. In advance  check validity of your passport book flights - arrival & depparture Visit doctor to discuss vaccinations Arrange visa Buy insurance ...
For some people the thrill of planning is the best part of the trip . Other thrive on the excitement of simply having no plans and taking each day as it comes. On the other hand some travelers feel overwhelmed by the idea of traveling without solid plans or struggle to fit everything that they want to do into...
Yes VietNam is cheap ,yes you can find a doctor and get medicine for a few dollars and yes , travel insurance isn't REAL travelers ... So why get it? It's true that you can easily find doctors or medicine for most minor ailments throughout VietNam but the problem arises if you have a major accident or illness. If you...
Gam Ghi phu quoc
It's hard to give general weather forecast for a country with over 2000 miles of coastline and 3 totally different weather syetems plus, when you are having the time of you life ,who cares about a little rain ? If you don't have the luxury of choosing when to go and your travel period is dictated by time off from...




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