Dynamic, exotic and richly cosmopolitan, Bangkok is one of South East Asia’s most vibrant and cherished travel destinations. A city of contrasts, this cultural epicentre and shopping paradise entices millions of travellers each year to its bountiful markets, luxury hotels, stunning scenery and tantalizing cuisine.


Where ancient and modern coincide, Bangkok’s glorious golden temples and world-class skyscrapers await. Revel in the frenetic pace as you soak up the sights, shop until you drop then tuk-tuk around town for a zesty slice of Bangkok’s indulgent and risqué nightlife.


To arrive in Bangkok is to be thrust into the pulsing heart of the Orient, a sprawling mega city encompassing 50 districts and six ever-expanding provinces. Truly, the engine room behind DAmazing Thailand’, Bangkok will amaze, dazzle and humble the most seasoned global wanderers with its exciting fusion of cultural, spiritual, historical and cosmopolitan charm.


Dusit is the political core of Thailand, home to lavish architecture and gardens, while Bangkok’s rustic DOld Town’ Rattanakosin holds Dmust see’ sights such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and royal gardens of Sanam Luang.

The city throbs and pulses with relentless heat and frantic pace, as tuk-tuks zip along concrete boulevards and Skytrains zoom overhead. Glitzy Siam Square carves the city’s commercial core with an array of shops, malls and boutiques – a true shopper’s paradise. Multicultural Yaowarat and Pahurat provide a feast for the senses, with the cuisine of Chinatown and flurry of Indian markets.


Sensational Sukhumvit Road roars at night with fine restaurants, bars and raunchy clubs, while the ever-indelible Khaosan Road area is a delight for budget travellers and revellers alike, buzzing with curbside vendors, stalls and wild nightspots. Known to the Thai’s as ‘Krung Thep,’ South East Asia’s own ‘City of Angels’ epitomizes the East meets West tradition, where ancient trends blend and thrive with cutting edge sophistication.