If you just try rice chicken, cao lau, dumpling, vac cake, which are all familiar dishes in Hoi An, maybe you should visit Hoi An once again to try the following dishes 

Jellyfish noodle:

Quang noodle with shrimp and pork might be familiar to most of people, but Jellyfish noodle might not, because jellyfish are only caught in some specific times of a year. Those transparent, tough, crispy jellyfish is chopped into pieces, taken with thick noodle. One interesting speciality of eating jellyfish noodle is that you should enjoy the dish on a boat, that eating-on-boat culture of Hoi An interests a lot tourists because of the feeling of eating while swaying on a boat is an unforgettable experience.


Jellyfish season usually starts in the third month of lunar calendar and lasts until summertime, in this season, you could find delicious jellyfish noodle served by many street hawkers, feel free to enjoy it and discover Hoi An food.

Tapioca soup

Tapioca is usually used to make sweet soup or other sweet desserts. However in Quang Nam, this ingredient is also available in the soups of local daily meals.


The water of the soup is extracted from bones of pigs or chickens. Depending on each person, tapioca soup can be used with shrimp, crab, quail egg, grilled chopped pork, and it will be a huge mistake if you don’t use it with whip egg – tattered into small yellow fibre. Add some pepper, green onion, coriander, and you are ready to enjoy this delicious dish. Having tapioca soup – which is served by  many street hawkers – on the evening will make you feel better.

Mac Nam (Mạc Nạm)

This food with special and unfamiliar name is now almost lose its taste. Indeed, the ingredient includes beef tendon, fatty flank and other small parts of the beef, they are together mixed with traditional North herbal medicine, and its flavor is still a secret and depends on the chief who cook this dish.

Tender meat is served with delicious amber-colored sauce and small breads just as big as your fist.

Jackfruit stuffed shrimp, pork

You could see this dish in daily meals of Quang’s famlily. To make a delicious dish, they use nearly ripe jackfruits. Jackfuit seeds are boiled and crushed into powder, then mixed with minced pork and shrimp, add some spices such as fish sauce, pepper, garlic, chilli, then stuffed into each section of jackfruit.


Pig’s trotters

This dish is perfect when using with hot rice on rainy days. The trotters are grilled until the outer skin turns to yellow, wafted up the smell of saffron. When using this dish, you could feeling the impressive tasty flavor and the strong smell of citronella.


Enjoying pig’s trotters in Hoi An, you have a chance to reach closer to the unique cuisine of this place.